Since the beginning of our operations in the 1980s, the VMD Group has invested in people and their communities, promoting economic development throughout the country.

Building Angola’s future requires knowing its past. For over 35 years, we have identified gaps in the Angolan economy and invested in companies to fill them. From shopping centers to transportation to hospitals, we structure investments and businesses across a wide range of industries.

Today, we directly employ over 6,000 people and contribute to the employment of thousands more.

We invest in employee education and skills training, and follow a formal Code of Conduct guided by the World Bank Integrity Compliance Guidelines.

We believe that Angola can only thrive if opportunity is available throughout the country, and that’s why we invest in projects in all 18 provinces of Angola. We work with investors and partners both inside and outside Angola to build relationships and create more investment opportunities.

Valdomiro Minoru Dondo is the founder and chairman of the VMD Group

Born in Brazil, Valdomiro Minoru Dondo’s ties to Angola began in 1984 when, in his capacity as director of trading for the Brazilian food company Disco Supermarkets, he helped facilitate the Angolan government’s bulk purchases of food staples during the civil war. Through this work as a trader of agricultural commodities and related goods over many years, Minoru strengthened his ties to the businesses, culture and people of Angola, eventually making the country his home.

Minoru has contributed to the growth and economic diversification of Angola through myriad businesses, investments and charitable endeavors. At a time when Angola’s economy was dominated by extractive industries, Minoru foresaw the potential for a robust consumer sector, founding the country’s first shopping mall and first Luanda-based cinema. Minoru has also invested in construction and real estate, and played a critical role in the development of Angola’s burgeoning healthcare and urban transportation systems.

With extensive on-the-ground experience and trusted relationships across industries, Minoru is regularly consulted by entities looking to invest capital in Angola. With keen entrepreneurial instincts and a successful track record, Minoru has helped attract considerable foreign direct investment in Angola’s economy.

Along with his commercial interests, Minoru has contributed to an array of philanthropic projects. He is a leading sponsor of the Miss Angola pageant and its broader efforts to empower women and raise HIV awareness. Minoru also founded the Luanda Music School, which, as the first music school in the country, has been a major contributor to the revitalization of the arts following Angola’s 27 years of civil war. Minoru has also helped fund a wide array of hospitals and schools throughout the nation.