The VMD Group’s contributions to Angola go well beyond investments and employment – and extend to promoting good governance, environmental protection and individual health and well-being.

In 2019, to ensure that all VMD Group companies operate with the highest ethical standards, our leadership invested significant resources to establish governance protocols and procedures on par with the most advanced economies. The result of this effort was the establishment of a formal Code of Conduct guided by the World Bank Integrity Compliance Guidelines.


Angola’s Cabinda Province is home to some of the most promising gold mines in Africa, and the VMD Group has invested millions of dollars to jump-start projects in the region. To ensure that Cabinda’s economic development does not come at the expense of its environment, the VMD Group has established an initiative to reforest areas impacted by its mining activity, including construction of a nursery of over 5,000 tree seedlings. The VMD Group plans to explore similar projects at other future mining sites in the region.

Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluids in the cavities deep within the brain, most common among infants and treatable with surgery.  The Luanda Hydrocephalus Hospital is a project that was started in 1996 by local surgeons who perform pro-bono surgeries for children from all over the country. Since 2016, the VMD Group has fully supported the costs of over 500 surgeries, impacting the lives of thousands of children and family members.

Valdomiro Minoru Dondo and the VMD Group are leading sponsors of the Miss Angola pageant, an annual competition seeking to empower Angolan women and raise money for critical social causes, including HIV awareness. The competition is a source of national pride; in 2011, Miss Angola Leila Lopes went on to win the title of Miss Universe.